Yevgeny Yehudin

Principal Clarinet
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Tom Shvat

I remember my first lesson with Yevgeny. I was playing the first bar from the Sonata of Saint-Saëns, when Yevgeny stopped me and asked me to play the scale of F Major. After Yevgeny's first observations, to my surprise I heard that the tone of the music was deeper and more open, and for the first time I felt that my playing could be more beautiful, with enhanced quality.
I began a long process of practicing scales and etudes, a process that for me was very hard, mostly because Yevgeny expected me to face myself, with all my difficulties in playing and in other areas. I learned from Yevgeny that my success depended on my desire to succeed and a lot of hard work on my part, and not just on talent. In my work with Yevgeny, there is always an emphasis on musicality, development and melody, in addition to a high quality of playing. Today, after four years, I believe in myself more, expect more from myself, and especially feel a tremendous improvement in my playing and my musicality. Together with this, I know that I still have a lot more to learn from Yevgeny.

Yonatan Hadas

During the three years that I have been a student of Mr. Yehudin, I have developed a great deal, in musicality and in playing clarinet. Yevgeny is an excellent clarinet teacher, but above all he is a musician in his soul, with an amazing ear, who knows how to translate every musical idea into a simple and clear explanation which is easy to put into action.There is no end to his new ideas, to the challenges he presented me with in each and every lesson, and for all this, I thank him, and will continue to thank him in the future.

Yuri Polishuk

I began to study with Yevgeny when I had arrived at a kind of impasse in my playing. On one hand, I felt that I did not have a place to continue to grow, and on the other hand, I knew that the great clarinetists truly have something which I still needed to learn, but I did not have the way to reach this thing. I needed a teacher in the full meaning of the word, and I found one. I have studied with Yevgeny for a year and a half now, and I feel that a huge change has taken place in my playing because of my work with him. He broke the impasse that was holding me back and started me on a long and difficult path, yet worthwhile. Studying the clarinet in Israel is not an inexpensive endeavor, but not one lesson is wasted. For a long time, we worked on basics that might appear from the outside to be an arduous path, however, Yevgeny knew and knows what he is doing, and it is clear because you can hear the results already today. I think that the most special thing about Yevgeny as a teacher and as a person is his amazing ability to explain and to solve every problem that comes up. Each time, in order to explain something in a way that the student will understand as successfully as possible, he will present the student with some sort of image, sometimes improvised at that moment. I have never encountered a situation when Yevgeny did not know how to solve some sort of problem, which shows his wonderful knowledge of the instrument and his relationship with the music. This does not only appear in his phenomenal playing; I am quite sure that anyone hearing him would never say otherwise. Very few could reach such a high level of playing clarinet, and even fewer could teach professional clarinet lessons in such a clear and wonderful way as Yevgeny does so successfully. I think that this is also because of his fantastic personality and his close relationship with his students, which undoubtedly adds to the motivation of his students and the constant interest of new students to have him as their teacher.

Hila Zamir

My name is Hila Zamir and I am 19 years old. I live in Rishon Lezion. I have been studying clarinet for 8 years, and in the last year I have been studying with Yevgeny. After a year, I would like to say that it is because of Yevgeny that I have advanced a great deal. Yevgeny is a teacher who invests in his students and knows exactly what he is doing. In one year I have learned many things from him that I probably would not have learned from a different teacher and it also would have taken much longer. I enjoy my lessons very much and I hope that I will continue to feel this way in the years to come.

Telem Chorin

I have studied with Yevgeny for about three years, and during these years I have experienced a great change in my playing and even more importantly, in my understanding. Today I feel that I play much better (and not only I feel this way…) and I am much more aware of the music I play. This is mainly because of the knowledge, the skills and the awareness that Yevgeny has instilled in me and continues to instill in me. One of the most important things that I have learned from him is to be conscious of and to understand that playing is not just professionalism with your instrument, but it is music, art and more important than being a “good clarinetist”, being a good musician. Yevgeny never compromises and chooses the hard way for a teacher – not to give in to the student, causing him to play and understand better and at the same time to maintain a good atmosphere and a great deal of motivation in order to learn and to grow. I want to thank Yevgeny for the knowledge and skills that he has given me and continues to give

Nir Marom

Yevgeny Yehudin has been my clarinet teacher for about a year now. I began to study with him mainly because of the recommendations I received from friends and also my desire for something new after many years of studying clarinet with the same teacher. One of the things that helped me decide was the concert which took place in Afula where I heard him play for the first time. I enjoyed it immensely and was certainly impressed by the quality of his playing. And though I tried to be critical, I found nothing to criticize. This is my subjective point of view but it is my opinion. Yevgeny demanded a great deal of patience from me, because we began my studies from “nothing”. I played scales for a half-year in order to develop my awareness to all the physical aspects of playing clarinet (breathe, diaphragm, embouchure, tongue, throat…) and all the musical aspects (inner listening, legato, staccato, detache, rhythm, flow, moving forward…) After this, we moved to playing etudes based on each scale in order to actualize these different aspects in a way that was more open and longer and more complicated than a scale. After a number of months we finally began to play pieces of music. During this whole process it became clear to me that without these strong basics one cannot actualize all of his potential in playing and I am happy that I have the opportunity to study with Yevgeny.

Semion Ositiansky

For the first time I turned to Yevgeny before the regular audition. From the very beginning it became clear, that to achieve goals and professionalism many things in my style of playing need to be fixed and improved. It took plenty of time and joint effort to get rid of old harmful habits. Yevgeny, as a highly professional and persistent teacher led me to a new level of play, to the proper use of the advantages and disadvantages of the instrument. Thanks to him, the process of playing has become a delight. Yevgeny is not only a virtuoso clarinet player, he has a very delicate perception of music. And you can be sure, that as far as Yeygeny is your teacher, you will get enough of experience, with which he cheerfully shares. These days I am a professional clarinet player in Israel Chamber Orchestra, and also work as a freelancer in most orchestras in Israel, including Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Lisa Ioshyhes

My name is Lisa Ioshyhes. I have been playing the clarinet for the past 9 years and I am a graduate of the Petach Tikva Conservatory. My former teacher was Mrs. Eva Wasserman-Margolis. I have received the Sharett Scholarship twice. I played in the  Young Israel Philharmonic. I am currently a first year student at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I have been a student of Mr. Yevgeny Yehudin for several months. My lessons with Yevgeny are interesting and innovative. He works on the basic elements of music, while elevating them to a professional level. He also works on the quality and volume of sound, the melodic line, correct posture and position and others, and these are only a few of the elements we focus on during our lessons. Yevgeny has solutions to many situations and his explanations are always thought-out and in-depth, demonstrating his experience as a soloist and a principal player in the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Despite the short period I have been studying with Yevgeny, I already feel significant progress in my playing.

Naum Goldenstein

My name is Naum Goldenstein and I have been studying the clarinet with Yevgeny Yehudin. I would like to remark that thanks to Yevgeny's charisma and his love of the clarinet he has succeeded in conveying to me lots of energy and motivation so that I can enjoy my playing. I would also like to mention that Yevgeny's vast knowledge of the clarinet helped me to find the fastest and best ways to cope with technical difficulties. I am currently enjoying my progress and playing immensely.

Eyal Passi

Yevgeny’s charismatic personality clearly reflects in his playing and in his teaching. He is a virtuoso musician and I am constantly inspired by his individual musical interpretations and his approach to clarinet playing. As a teacher he constantly encourages his students to aspire to the very best they can achieve, always with sensitivity and personal attention. This special combination makes working with Yevgeny a pleasant and challenging experience! Yevgeny Yehudin has been teaching me clarinet for four months.  During this period I have been finding out what a professional teacher really is and what professional clarinet playing and being in control of your instrument means. I am 17 years old and as the youngest student Yevgeny teaches. I must say that I was not expecting Yevgeny to accept me as a student, because he has so many students and teaching a teenager material which generally an adult studies is not obvious. As a teacher, Yevgeny uses methods and imagination to successfully teach the material in the best possible way.  I do not need to mention that Yevgeny is a high- level player, but as a teacher he ALSO reaches the highest levels. Yevgeny makes sure that in every lesson I learned something which I didn't know or perform before – either in the technical or musical aspect.  Yevgeny teaches his students what he knows in the best way possible and he works with them continuously towards developing their abilities to become professional musicians.

Mor Levin

I have been playing the clarinet for the past 13 years, during the past 3.5 years I have been studying with Yevgeny. Yevgeny’s charismatic personality clearly reflects to his playing and teaching. His playing is virtuoso and characteristic, and I am constantly inspired by his individual musical interpretation and approach to clarinet playing. As a teacher he is highly demanding and constantly encourages his students to aspire for the very best they can achieve, yet with personal treatment and sensitivity. This special combination makes working with him a pleasant and challenging experience!

Yehiel Lock

Yevgeny Yehudin has been my Clarinet teacher for the past three years. From my first lesson with him, I have felt like I was improving all the time. He teaches me many tools and tips to become a better clarinetist and a better person in general. Yevgeny has an amazing understanding of music and a very special and unique way of communicating his music to his listeners. He tries to give us, his students, as much as possible from his knowledge, and indeed I feel that he succeeds. Though he can be rather demanding at times, studying with him is a pleasure and a special experience. I believe that all of his students would agree that once we began to study with Yevgeny, we would never study with another teacher. His unique personality and rare talent, together with his desire to give of his talent and creativity to all of his students, makes him a wonderful teacher, the kind of teacher any music student would feel lucky to have.

Miri Saadon

I’m studying with Yevgeny for two years now, and as his student I can tell that his method is very intensive and enriching, which works perfectly for me. Yevgeny's experience as a soloist and as an orchestra principal player over the years has given him a great and unique way of teaching. His virtuoso playing and musical spirit are inspiring me and pushes me to Excellency. Yevgeny is a great supporter and motivator; he always motivates me and expects me to give my best, both on the technical aspect and the musical. I have evolved extensively as a musician since studying with him. I can say that Yevgeny’s method so as his personality surly fits for me, and it helped me very much to progress throughout the last two years.